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The Blue Satins Ray and The All-stars Ray and The All-Stars

Sly Slick & Wicked

Lowrider Chicano Classic Remains Heartbeat of the Soul
By Manuel Esparza / Chicano Magazine November 5, 2021 / Photo: Manuel Esparza (c) 2021

LOS ANGELES – Confessing a Feeling with the first beats intro you are automatically flooded with golden memories of yesterday as performers SLY SLICK AND WICKED performed Friday night at the Globe for M.O.B.G. Entertainment their classic Lowrider Chicano classic “Confessing a Feeling,” along with yet another all time favorite “Tonight Is The Nite.” As the firme people at the Globe filled the famous Downtown Theatre you can not only hear but feel the excitement and admiration they have for Sly Slick and Wicked as they did a outstanding performance delivering the classics as well as others favorites like the Radiant’s “Ain’t No Big Thing,” which is included in their LIVE album on ITP Records.

Chicano Magazine exclusive backstage with Sly Slick & Wicked was exciting with a reunion with the groups manager Rita Hawkins aka Rita Daye wife of the late Sonny Daye, the group’s leader who passed away leaving his wife Rita to continue the great Legacy of Sly Slick and Wicked. “Rita the last time I saw you we were in Texas with Eddie Torres,” I told her as we hugged. “Wow that was long time,” said Rita. It was good seeing this beautiful lady with a great spirit.

For music fans in East Los Angeles and Orange County where I grew up hearing “Confessing a Feeling,” for the first time in the mid 70’s, was like Orale this rola is firme as we all slow dance at dances, back yard parties, cruised the boulevard and sang along to the song has lasted the time of time and is by today world wide known as where ever they go performing are enjoyed by everyone, every time as they were tonight. I must add they are still dressing and looking sharp keeping their trademark style!!

The song was written by Issac Bolden and released on Sly Slick & Wicked on Bad Boys Records in 1972 produced by Bernie Garcia and Earl Chavez. You can hear and get all of Sly Slick & Wicked recordings on the ITP Records. A new release SLY SLICK & WICKED COLLECTION is a double cd you can find on ITP Records Website and Amazon.

Special thanks to Rita Hawkins aka Rita Daye, George Martinez, M.O.B.G. Entertainment and Staff.
You can follow Sonny Daye on Facebook.


Bringing it home to Santa Fe Springs
By Manuel Esparza / Chicano Magazine 10/16/21

SANTA FE SPRINGS – The music fans were out in full force Saturday afternoon when Chicano legends TIERRA hit the stage at fame Santa Fe Springs Swap meet where the stars shine as Latin rapper MELLOW MAN ACE joined Tierra on stage to perform his classic “Mentirosa,” as he surprised the crowd waiting to hear the Latin sounds of Tierra as they moved and grooved on such favorites as “Come Celebrate With Tierra,” “Keep It Going,” “Memories,” “I’m Gonna Find Her,” “Lady In The Moonlight,” followed by the Jr. Walker and the All-Stars Motown classic “What Does It Take To Win Your Love,” as well as a Latin soul rendition of the Marvelettes “Forever,” as lead singer Will socked it to the crowd as the rest of the group did what comes naturally to them playing Some Bad *** Music !!
The music didn’t stop as Tierra grooved with the soulful classic “Sara Smile,” then closing with their smash hit “Together.” The Tierra group members were introduced by Will, each one has a huge history going back to 1971, members with 30 years or more each loyal to their group and leader the late Rudy Salas. Good to see the bond and pride of Tierra with Jeff, Victor, Rudy, Will, Joey, Tony, Chris, Ronnie, and Mario.

Special Thanks:
Tierra Management Hector Leon


NOTE: Shout out to Dee jay Demo, Debbie Salas-Rico, Michael Velez with Boulevard Nights Attire.

Bobby Dee

Photo: Manuel Esparza / Chicano Magazine (c) 2021

Latin Legends Sold Out at Greek Theatre
By Manuel Esparza / Chicano Magazine / October 9, 2021

LOS ANGELES – Saturday’s Latin Legends at the Greek theatre in Los Angeles produced by Bobby Dee Presents was like turning the pages of Chicano Rock with such legendary groups as Thee Midniters, Cannibal and the Headhunters, El Chicano, Tierra and Malo giving their mighty best for the sold-out show that drew thousands.

The concert featured Latin soul legend Joe Bataan along with the #1 favorite Brenton Wood with the surprise of the evening singer Hank Castro reuniting with Thee Midniters on stage performing all their greatest hits. Castro joined the group replacing lead singer Lil’ Willie G.

War, the main headliner of the show was outstanding as well as Poncho Sanchez, the noise of applause didn’t stop when Latin legends Tierra jumped on stage to a thunderous ovation with the mention of the group’s leader the late Rudy Salas as the group performed “Together,” one of their biggest hits. The whole Greek audience stood up for an ovation that lasted throughout the group’s set; what dedication, love, and respect.

There’s no doubt the fans loved each and every performer on stage, you could hear them singing each song as each artist and group performed; let’s give thanks to these Latin Legends and Bobby Dee Presents. Bravo

Special thanks to Bobby Dee Presents and his staff who were awesome. You can visit them at Bobby Dee Presents

Bobby Dee

Rudy Salas with Manuel "Spookey" Esparza
Photo: Chicano Magazine

Rudy Salas of Tierra

The music, the spirit of Tierra leader Rudy Salas
By Manuel Esparza / Chicano Magazine
August 5, 2021

MONTCLAIR, CA - The music, the hot Latin flavored Chicano style beats were in top notch as TIERRA hit the stage at the Canyon Montclair with the group giving fans what they came to hear; the greatest hits; and that’s what they did in a fashion where the music was so emotionally performed you could feel the heartbeat in the music of the late Rudy Salas, leader of Tierra as Tierra’s promise to keep the Legacy alive which they did 100%. Sitting in the audience was Rudy Salas long time wife and best friend Joanna looking radiant as ever with their daughter Cresi, another beauty. You could see how emotional it was for Mrs. Salas as she kept wiping tears and holding them back as we chatted; a super charged moment of a great performance by Tierra.
Up-coming Canyon Montclair shows: Buddy Guy 9/10 Barry White Tribute by JD Hall 9/11
Blood Sweat & Tears 9/23 Taj Mahal March 10, 2022
Special thanks to Joanna Salas, Jillian @ Canyon Montclair / Tix info 888.645.5006
You can reach this writer @

Gilbert Stokes

Gilbert Stokes Gilbert Stokes Monibee Henley Medina Gilbert Stokes

Gilbert Stokes Gilbert Stokes


Gilbert Stokes


Follow Freddy Gusman On Facebook / Smooth Responce Band

Miriah Miriah Miriah

Freddie Records

The Legends Carlos Guzman, Joe Bravo, Augustin Ramirez, Freddie Martinez, and Sunny Ozuna
Photo courtesy of Freddie Records

Legendary record label Freddie Records will celebrate their 50th anniversary
with a live musical performance at Vegas Tejano Week on Aug. 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In a promo video (YouTube) record label founder Freddie Martinez, Sr. shared details on the 50th-anniversary celebration scheduled at the annual Tejano Music National Convention held at the Rio Hotel and Casino from August 22 – 25, 2019.

The celebration will feature performances from Freddie Records artists including Los Palominos, The Legends featuring Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, Augustin Ramirez, Carlos Guzman, and Joe Bravo. Elida Reyna, La Fiebre, and Lucky Joe will also perform during the celebration.

Get more details about Vegas Tejano Week and the Tejano Music National Convention at

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Chicano Music

Editorial Reviews

The Mexican and central and South American immigrants and their descendants who originally settled mainly around East Los Angeles have had an affinity for sweet soul love ballads for many years. In recent times the collecting scene has intensified and spread to soul fans around the world who, already sympathetic to the music, were intrigued by the titles that were finding such favour among this very hip scene. The Lowrider tag comes from their love of classic US automobiles modified to cruise the city streets customised in the coolest fashion of the day. UK soul label owner, DJ and promoter Sean Hampsey has teamed up with fellow DJ Ruben Molina, one of the genre's participants and authorities, to produce Kent's CD tribute to the scene and style. Molina has written The Old Barrio Guide To Lowrider Music and works in a DJ team called the Southern Soul Spinners around their southern California heartland. The music on this CD stretches over nine years and moves from late doo wop to sophisticated sweet soul harmony ballads. Scene classics are provided by the Whispers, Barbara Mason, the Ambassadors, Brenton Wood and Lee Williams & the Cymbals, most of which are quite well known in Europe, too. More esoteric picks are provided by the Endeavors, Aesop's Fables, Jimmy Conwell, the Vows and the Interpreters. Being Kent, we suggested some previously unreleased masters to the selectors and they were knocked out to include the Lovers Bay Area-recorded 'When You're Poor' and the Billy Terrell, Ray Dahrouge and Tony Camillo-written-and-produced gem 'I'm Just Passing Time'; their inclusion has caused a buzz around the scene. Other highlights are brilliant but not widely known tracks by William Bell, the Lovelles, Jeff Dale and the Attractions, while the Charmels, the Webs and Reuben Bell records have become hot items among the European collecting fraternity in recent years. It is a musical phenomenon collectors are eager to learn ore about and this release will be picked up by all types of black music collectors.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Take a Step - Aesop's Fables
2. Why'd You Put Me on - Bobbi Row & the Englishmen
3. I Wanna Chance - the Vows
4. Where Were You - Brenton Wood
5. Second Hand Happiness - Jimmy Conwell
6. 'Til You Come Back to Me - Lee Williams & the Cymbals
7. Oh How It Hurts - Barbara Mason
8. I Really Love You - the Ambassadors
9. As I Sit Here - the Whispers
10. One More Chance - the Four Tees
11. No Doubt About It - the Esquires 12. It's Not That Easy - Reuben Bell with the Casanovas
13. It's So Hard to Break a Habit - the Webs
14. Pretending Dear - the Lovelles
15. Find Me - the Attractions
16. Shattered Dreams - the Endeavors
17. Be Kind to Love - the Interpreters
18. When You're Poor - the Celestials
19. Never Gonna Let Him Know - Debbie Taylor & the 4 Hesitations
20. As Long As I've Got You - the Charmels
21. Don't Forget About Me Baby - Jeff Dale
22. I'm a Lonely Man - Bobby Burn Aka Bobby Wilburn
23. Crying All By Myself - William Bell
24. I'm Just Passing Time - Melvin Hicks & the Versatiles


Angel Baby Presents The Sisters
Ersi Arvizu Headlines New Years Eve Show with Cherrelle
By Manuel Esparza

December 11, 2016

“It’s a celebration of old school and oldies legends,” says promoter Angel “Baby” Rodriguez, who has put together CELEBRATE NEW YEARS EVE WITH OLD SCHOOL AND OLDIE LEGENDS concert show at the CEPAC on 11255 Central Avenue in Ontario with Round 2 Entertainment on December 31st.

Dancing, dinner with champagne midnight toast will include an all star line up starring r and b singer Cherrelle, “Saturday Love,” “You Look Good To Me,” “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On., along with Aalon, “Cream City,” and “Rock and Roll Gangster.”

Legends include the powerful dynamite vocalist Chicana legend Ersi Arvizu, recording artist in her own right “Friends For Life,” best known as the voice of El Chicano’s biggest known classic “Sabor a Mi.,” and the soulful “I’m a Good Women.” Joining, Miss Arvizu on stage will be songstress Rosella Arvizu (yes, she’s real life sister to Ersi).

The New Years Celebration will rock with Chicano Rock & Roll pioneers of the 60’s, the original duo of The Heartbreakers, “Craddle Rock.”

It’s going to be one of the best New Years Eve shows, also just to let you know they call her the singing siren, Monibee will perform. What a great line up and a lot of fun. Join Angel Baby for New Years Eve.

Ticket information: 951.416.8222.
Manuel Esparza email:

Angel Baby Presents

Chicana Legend: Ersi Arvizu
By Manuel Esparza/

She’s the Voice of El Chicano's classic ballad SABOR A MI but not too many remember her mainly because this great Chicano Legend has been tossed from being in front of her many loyal fans when it comes to concerts promoting old school, soul, Chicano legend shows, really is Joe Bataan a Chicano now.

Missing from the Chicano Legends Show held at the Honda Center was Miss Ersi Arvizu, the gal that so rightfully made “Sabor a Mi,” a classic among Chicano’s in the 70’s. I think everyone tried too sing that song and try too end it hitting the same notes as Ersi, she taught a lot of would-be signers, How its done.

Promoter Angel Baby, who knows his music history that is producing an up-coming New Years Eve show December 31, in Ontario that will star Ersi Arvizu along with soul sensation Cherrelle and others; for complete line up go to

“I feel it’s a let down when your peers know you are performing and leave you out of the loop. Musicians and fans should rally because we are losing out on a true Chicana legend, the only Chicana legend of our time and not too see her (Ersi) perform is a lost treasure and shame. We are losing out on Chicano music history,” says CM Manuel Esparza.

Join Ersi Arvizu in Ontario New Years Eve with her very special guest her real life sister Rosella Arvizu of The Sisters. Now, The Sisters are a 1960’s girl group that had records out on the Del Fi Records label. Google them !!

You can email Manuel Esparza:


Carlos Palomino

Gene Aguilera

Lil' Willie G.
Photo: Manuel Esparza/Chicano Magazine (c) 2016

East Los Angles and International star Lil’ Willie G., sings for His fans at Record Jungle in Montebello
By Manuel Esparza
April. 17, 2016

The Undisputed King of Chicano Soul is the One and Only Willie Garcia better known through the music world as Lil’ Willie G., the Original Voice of Thee Midniters, gave a special inmate concert show at the Record Jungle in Montebello, California for His devoted fans who enjoyed the singer as he went through such classics as It’ll Never Be Over For Me, along with Sad Girl, a song that made Thee Midniters one of the most all time best loved Chicano groups of all time. Enjoying the sounds included Motown royalty, Vanessa Wilson, granddaughter of Motown superstar Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

Gene A. Chicano Studies

Cinco De May 2016 Santa Ana

Ersi Arvizu Ersi Arvizu Ersi Arvizu

Andy Tesso & His Rockers Andy Tesso & His Rockers Andy Tesso & His Rockers Andy Tesso & His Rockers
Photo: Manuel Esparza

By Manuel Esparza
MARCH 2015

50 years has passed and a surprise annoucement from legendary Chicano producer
Billy Cardenas, invited Chicano Magazine to a sneek-peek of what he was been doing in the last months, working with singer/gutiarist Danny Diaz for an up-coming album release.
Cardenas, excited about his prodject tells Chicano Magazine that he is thrilled about being back after 50 years, he says, "Nobody put me out or chased me away from the music business." Read more and Exclusive CM photos, coming

THE up-coming cd release will be Danny Daiz Too Hot Too Handle featuring Andy Tesso and His Rockers
You can reach Billy Cardenas at 909.217.3123

Rock & Roll Show comes to the Cerritos Performing Arts
By Manuel Esparza
NOV 29 2013

Chris Kathy & Billy

LET’S DANCE was a huge dance record back in the early 60’s, that made Chris Montez a house hold name, and the new Ritchie Valens. When Valens died in 1959, fans had high hopes that Chris Montez would fill those shoes. Montez went on the record such classics as THE MORE I SEE YOU, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU.

Chris Montez will grace the stage January 18, at the Cerritos Performing Arts in Cerritos. The Best of Doo Wop stars Chris Montez along with The Dupress, Jimmy Gallagher and the Passions, Brian Hyland, and special guest Kathy Young.
“Chris Montez is the coolest singer I ever met. I remember when we did the La Bamba show at the Celebrity Theatre, he was a real pro and still is,” says Spookey of Chicano Magazine.
For you Chicano Magazine readers I have reposted a photo of Chris Montez, Kathy Young, with producer Billy Cardenas. 562.916.8500/800.300.4945

Rosie Duran was part of the singing duo Rosie & Ron
By Manuel Esparza
Nov 2 2013

You would first think that it’s Rosie from Rosie and the Originals “Angel Baby,” fame singing “Bring Me Happiness,” but it’s not its Rosie Duran who was the female singer of the singing duo Rosie and Ron. Fans will get a chance to see Rosie Duran sing her one and only hit “Bring Me Happiness,” along with “So Dearly,” when she steps onto the Honda stage as Rosie & Ron on December 7, at the Chicano Legends concert starring Lil’ Willie G.

The Chicano Legends concert will also feature a rare appearance from soul star Garland Green who’s “Jealous Kinda Fellow,” is a classic soul hit. The All Star Line Up includes Tierra, Joe Bataan, El Chicano, Thee Midniters, Sunny and the Sunliners, Renee & Renee & more !!

You can contact this writer email:

East L.A. Chicano legend Lil’ Willie G. headlines Chicano Legends Concert
By Manuel Esparza
Nov 2 2013

Let’s take a Trip down Whittier Boulevard. That’s exactly what music fans are going to enjoy when the Chicano Legends come to the Honda Center Saturday December 7th, starring the Original lead singer of Thee Midniters, Lil’ Willie G., along with such greats as Sunny Ozuna and his group Sunny and The Sunliners, latin soul star Joe Bataan, the legendary Rene & Renee with Rene Ornales, East L.A.’s own Tierra, El Chicano, with special performances by 60’s soul star Garland Green.

“I’m really looking for Chicano Legends this year. It’s history in the making. Can you imagine the artists that are performing paved the way for what is called the Chicano Sound. This is really all we have and they are a Treasure,” says Spookey of

Los Lobos
East L.A. Band takes there show to Hollywood’s Whiskey A Go Go
By Manuel Esparza

It’s not the Montebello Inn (now El Gringo Night Club) or the any other East L.A. Venue, but Los Lobos are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in the music business at Hollywood’s Whiskey A Go Go.
Best known for the La Bamba Soundtrack, Los Lobos are trail blazers and music fans know their music. Los Lobos look up to Lil’ Willie G., and Thee Midniters so they couldn’t be all that bad. East L.A.’s Tierra might beat them in hits but that’s another story for another day.

Come out Thursday November 14 for this show
You can contact this writer by email:

Chicano Rock Stars
Chan Romero, The Heartbreakers, Mark Guerrero, Billy Cardenas (center)
Photo: Spookey


Bass player for the Premiers “Farmer John”
By Manuel Esparza

EXCLUSIVE – Original bass player for the 60’s hit group The Premiers passed away December 23, 2010. Billy Cardenas, producer of that smash and classic Chicano Rock & Roll hit remembers Frank, “They were fifthteen year olds when I discovered them,” says Billy Cardenas, who created the East Los Angeles Chicano Sound with Rampart Records.
“They were young but very professional and toured the country with such artists as Bobby Freeman, The Crystals, The Shirelles. They shared the same show with The Supremes, as Farmer John swept the country while topping the Billboard and Cashbox charts.” Says Cardenas.

Mr. Cardenas tells CM that he will be among the family, friends and fans of Frank Zuniga services. Viewing begins at 11:00 a.m. Thursdays Jan 6 at Wiefelf Chapel, 6090 Vella Road, Palms Springs, CA 92264, followed by the Burial at Veterans Arlington Commentary 2:15 p.m., Located at 22495 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA

On another sad note: Lawrence Perez of the Premiers recently lost his wife of many years Anita Perez.
Family and friends can send funds in care of Anita’s son Danny Perez. Check made to: Danny Perez (son) at Wells Fargo 3778240949 Check Memo: Anita Perez.
Viewing for Anita Perez, Weds 9:30 AM, Jan 5th at Upland Chapel, 525 West 18th Street, Upland, followed by Burial Belleview Memorial Park, Ontario, 1240 West G Street.

And East L.A's Chicano 60's duo THE HEARTBREAKERS !!
By Manuel Esparza/

Legendary record producer Billy Cardenas, you might recall one of his biggest hits to fame, “Framer John,” recorded by The Premiers. Cardenas, after several years of retirement from the music business is back with full speed as he is bringing back one of the original Chicano stars of the 60’s, that legendary duo of The Heatbreakers, who are brothers Benny and Joe Rodriguez, created the East L.A. Sound with their classic hit, “Cradle Rock,” who can forget that ending line, “Down will come baby, cradle and all?”

Today, The “Original” Heartbreakers reunite with Billy Cardenas and other Chicano greats; key figures such as Mark Guerrero of Mark and The Escorts, who is the son of the great legendary Godfather of Chicano Rock, Lalo Guerrero.

Joining the cast of studio players is a very special guest Del Fi Records original star Chan Romero, fans will remember his huge smash rock and roll hit, “Hippy, Hippy Shake.” Chan is looking kool as ever but it is Billy Cardenas who is in great shape, spirit, mind and soul as he directs his musical All-Stars on such treasures as mentioned “Cradle Rock,” along with “I Don’t Care,” written by Chan Romero and showcasing the guitar talents of Mark Guerrero.
One song that stands out as the gem of the three that were chosen for an up-coming CD release on The Heartbreakers, is the tune “Please Answer,” written by 13-year old Benny Rodriguez back in the day!! For more on this Chicano legend project, keep it here at Chicano Magazine for the Exclusive !!

There is also news that The Heartbreakers might put Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford’s “Money That’s What I Want,”
onto the up-coming release, kool.

Chicano Rock Billy Cardenas

Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles

The first Mexican American rock star, teenager Ritchie Valens (born Valenzuela), best known for his rendition of "La Bamba," died along with Buddy Holly in a plane crash on his first national tour. Rising like a sleeping giant, music from the barrios of East Los Angeles began to get heard. Whittier Blvd was brimming with excitement. It was a wonderful time to be young... — Little Willie G, Thee Midniters Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles, produced, written, directed and edited by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jon Wilkman, tells the lively and inspiring story of how generations of young people in America's largest Mexican American community — caught between two cultures and not fully accepted in either — created a unique musical voice and in the process found and proudly expressed their cultural identity. Narrated by Edward James Olmos, this lively one-hour documentary combines intimate interviews, rare archival film and photographs with exuberant music. Chicano Rock! is also an entertaining and informative journey through more than half a century of America's multicultural past. The story begins with Lalo Guerrero, a National Medal of the Arts honoree known as the Father of Chicano Rock. Arriving in Los Angeles in the late 1930s, Lalo found a city bursting with ambition, even in the last days of the Great Depression. During the war years that followed, many young Mexican Americans defied prejudice and stereotypes, adopting zoot suit fashions and a Spanglish slang called calo. Lalo Guerrero and his friend bandleader Don Tosti captured their spirit in music, mixing swing and boogie woogie in a cross-cultural dialog between African American, Anglo and Mexican American influences.

El Chicano, with Ersi Arvisu as lead singer, gained national fame in the 1970s and still performs today. The 1950s brought rhythm and blues and the roots of rock 'n' roll. Mexican Americans were among first to catch the beat. Ritchie Valens, born Richard Valenzuela in the San Fernando Valley, introduced a Latin flair to early rock. His death in a 1959 plane crash, when he was only seventeen, left a tragic legacy, but only inspired a new generation in the 1960s. East Los Angeles witnessed a surge of creativity, and a renaissance of art, music and politics. Leading the way in music was the band Cannibal and the Headhunters, five guys from the projects who recorded a national hit, "Land of a Thousand Dances," and almost overnight found themselves opening for the Beatles on the British superstars' 1965 tour. That same year, Thee Midniters hit the charts with "Whittier Blvd.," an anthem to East L.A.'s most famous street, the home of a late-night cruising scene that expressed the California car culture that Mexican Americans were making their own.

Grammy Award-winning Los Lobos, the trail-blazing band that "put it all together," began in 1973 as Los Lobos del Este Los Angeles. In the late 1960s and 1970s, when civil rights and the Vietnam War were compelling issues, young Mexican Americans proudly called themselves Chicanos (once considered a derogatory term), and many took to as the streets to stand up for their rights. Bands like Tierra and El Chicano created new music that "said something" about Chicano heritage and their struggles for equality and social justice. In the 1970s, the cross-cultural threads of Chicano heritage — American and Mexican, English and Spanish — came triumphantly together with Los Lobos, the Eastside band that realized the promise first expressed by Lalo Guerrero, Don Tosti and Ritchie Valens, and brought the unique blend of Chicano music to Grammy Award-winning international prominence. Today, new bands such as Quetzal and Ozomatli continue East L.A.'s innovative musical traditions. Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles is a long overdue celebration of more than 60 years of music and social change, but it also offers inspiring and unexpected


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Chicano Art


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